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Canadian Mental Health Association Yarmouth Digby Shelburne

Yarmouth Bipolar Disorder & Schizophrenia Support Group 

               What can this support group do for you?
               Joining this group as soon as the diagnosis has been made is an important coping step.  Sharing with
               others can decrease the feelings of isolation and helplessness.  It is very important for the whole family
               to understand the illness in order to better support the family member who is ill.

It is a place for:
               1) support
               2) information              
               3) common experiences
               4) a place to be grounded

               The main goals of the group are:

               To provide emotional support and information to the families and those affected by the illnesses.

               To provide education and promote awareness about mental illnesses and help dispel myths and
               misconceptions that result in stigma.


Bob Williams
(902) 742-4911


Sheila Watson
(902) 742-5228

New Attitudes

                  New Attitudes is a public education group dedicated to decreasing the stigma 
                  surrounding mental illness.

                  Citizens whose lives have been affected by mental illness speak openly and  
                  honestly about their experiences to community groups, students, etc.

                  The New Attitudes program began in 1997 with funding from  the Community
                  Health Promotion Fund.

                  At present, New Attitudes is a free service available at your convenience. 
                  Advance bookings are required.


Sheila Watson

(902) 742-5228

SASI  Shelburne Association Supporting Inclusion

Shelburne Association Supporting Inclusion is a person centred organization committed to providing quality vocational and residential programs and supports to individuals with developmental and physical disabilities and mental health difficulties.

To view further information visit www.supportinginclusion.ca 

Recovery, Inc.

What is Recovery, Int.

Recovery, Int. is a self-help mental health program based on the ground breaking work of our founder a neuropsychiatrist, the late Abraham A. Low, M.D.  We are non-profit, non-sectarian and completely member managed.  Recovery Inc., has been active since 1937 and we have groups meeting every week around the world.

 In Nova Scotia:

Yarmouth, Mondays at 7pm, 32 Cliff Street, (rear), corner of Cliff and Kirk Streets, go up the wheelchair ramp.

Note: Meetings are not held on Mondays that are a holiday. 

Contact: Dot 1-902-742-6335


Contact:  Gail 1-902-837-4895 

For more information please visit: http://www.recovery-inc.org


Western Counties Regional Library
                   Your public library has an extensive selection of mental health resources
                    and information, assembled in partnership with the CMHA-YDS Branch. 

                   To view these
resourses visit www.westerncounties.ca 

 occupational therapy.

Mental Health Crisis Line



Canadian Mental Health Association Yarmouth Digby Shelburne